Tuesday, June 12, 2012

L-E-A-D-E-R-S Final Part

In the deeper reality of the soul, a family in disarray, a company without vision, or a nation without vision, or a nation struggling to adopt a new level of freedom needs to respond to hidden spiritual drives and needs. Once this is understood, countless leaders can rise to the highest levels of greatness.

Inspired leadership is established in being, where there is no need to adopt a strategy for climbing to the top. As you unfold your potential for greatness, you unfold the same potential in others. They will naturally turn to you for guidance and leadership in the way forward, and one day, they themselves will be able to provide enlightened leadership to others.

Our souls offer the highest inspiration at every moment. With our minds we may see chaos, but the soul knows there is an underlying order, and seeks to find it. Until we turn to the quiet wisdom of the soul, we will continue to fall back on old habits and stale answers in response to new challenges. We will stay mired in pointless struggles and confusion. But when we do understand the ways of the soul, and draw on them, someone will emerge to cut through the fog.

Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa and Nelson Mandela undertook their journeys based on the soul’s awareness (however much we clothe them in mythic status). They used this awareness to tap into a source of wisdom that remains constant through out history and is available to us all.

In any group, the members are acting out two basic themes in life – need and response…, There is something we need, ranging from the basic need for food and shelter to the higher needs of the self-worth, love and spiritual meaning.

There is some response that will fill that need, ranging from struggle and competition to creative discovery and divine introspection. These two themes dominate our inner and outer lives. They override all other forces, and like the workings of the soul, they are not random. Needs and responses can be organized in a natural order. Lower needs and responses are followed by higher ones. This rising scale is known as the hierarchy of needs. As a leader, if you are aware of the hierarchy of needs and their responses, you will be able to continue to respond effectively as the group’s needs move up the scale from basic to increasingly spiritual. This is the most powerful thing a leader can do….
Need for Unity & Self-worth
Vaclav Havel was a Czech poet who became president of the new republic after the fall of communism because he fulfilled his countrymen’s basic need for unity and self-worth, which has been suppressed for decades…

Buddha and Christ offered their followers an opportunity to meet their needs at the highest level, the universal desire for unity.
Through the example of these great leaders, we see that leading from the soul is neither mysterious nor abstract. Inspired leadership matches real responses to real needs. This is a skill that can be learnt…

In the deeper reality of the soul, leaders, and followers co-create each other. They form an invisible spiritual bond. Leaders exist to embody the values that followers hunger for, while followers fuel the leader’s vision from inside themselves.
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Source for Article: Soul for the leadership book written  by Deepak Chopra. 

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