Thursday, June 14, 2012

Do It Now

If you have kind words to say
say them now, say them now
If you have something to give -
Give it now, give it now
Now, before it is too late,
Now's the time for happiness great.

Now's the time for every good deed
False pride we don't need
Tomorrow might not come at all
Tomorrow you might not recall your thoughts;
If there's something to be done
Do it, do it now !
If there's joy to be shared
Then share it, share it now.

Now in a moment of giving
Now when you're truly living
Now's the time to forgive and forget
Now's the time to gracefully accept.
Tomorrow you might not care to share,
Tomorrow you might regret in despair.

If there's a rainbow to be touched,
or a moment of life to be enjoyed,
Do it, do it now !
if there's a dream to be realised, 
or someone to be surprised,
Do it, do it now !
There's not anything to reason why
There's not anything to fret and cry
There's but something to do and smile
And listen for a while
Listen - with your heart
Don't wait ; make a start.

Who knows what tomorrow brings?
Who can foretell future things?
Time might erase tomorrow's date
Tomorrow might be just too late !
Do it, therefore, do it now ! 
Source: web. 
This beautiful poem has also been published in some magazine during 97 or 98 period though not able to recollect the name of the magazine. Whoever has written this poem, my sincere thanks to them.

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