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8 ways to Awaken the Beautiful You....

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8 ways to Awaken the Beautiful You....
 - Vinita Dawra Nangia

Beauty is not the fiefdom of a chosen few; it is a crown anyone can claim, but only if you tap your hidden potential

Not all are lucky enough to have a Prince Charming kiss awake their beautiful selves ­ some do need to make efforts to nudge the beauty within. And that goes for men too.
The good news is that each of us has the potential to be beautiful and attractive, if we only knew how. Like all good things in life, of course, this requires effort, but the results are amazing.
Follow these eight steps to meet a more radiant and confident you …
Love yourself!
Beauty lies in the eyes yes, but not just in the eyes of the beholder. Learn to love your own self. We all tend to focus on our shortcomings and are harsh on ourselves, but the world sees a better picture in the whole package. Figure out your strengths and be proud of them. A trick to looking beautiful is feeling beautiful. If your eyes are your best feature, use them to your advantage; if it is your clear skin, let it shine like a beacon for you. In short, revel in your advantages.
Be aware and alert
Everyone is attracted to a man or woman who is well informed and happy to share. Intelligence, awareness and good conversational skills impart confidence and beauty, which is very attractive. It is important to keep sharpening your mind with challenges and to keep adding to your knowledge. Just being good looking is no ticket to personal or professional success, if you have a vacuous mind.
Stay healthy and fit
Taking good care of your looks and body is part of loving yourself. Hygiene is a given, but also spend time pampering and pushing yourself to stay fit. Health imparts a unique glow that is youthful and flattering. Spend two days slogging it out at the gym, and you will see the change for yourself.
Connect with your inner self
A peaceful face, relaxed body, slight smile and alert, happy eyes impart a beauty that no chiselled features, beauty products or surgeon’s scalpel can provide. This kind of contentment only comes when you are all sorted out inside. Make time to move away from the chaos and sit alone to listen to your inner voice. As you deal with issues that perturb you, you will feel peace and happiness descend.
Stand tall and walk confidently
You are generally perceived in the manner in which you project yourself.If you pull back your shoulders and walk with a confident stride, everyone will pay attention. Shuffle into a room awkwardly and you will be relegated to a corner. Smile and the world will come asking what keeps you happy; scowl and you will be left alone. A confident carriage adds inches to your height and turns heads, giving you added confidence and grace.
Stay happy and positive
There is nothing like happiness to give a gleam to your eyes and a glow to your face. The world loves a happy person, while steering clear of a grouch. Be peaceful and sleep well; this instantly enhances your looks. Stay upbeat and positive; it acts like a magnetic field that helps draw the happy stuff towards you.
Make time for yourself
All of us have our little spot in the sunshine every day ­ things we look forward to doing all by ourselves.
From soaking in a bubble bath to music to meditation to writing to books to TV to a massage ­ these are our little rewards. Do not underestimate these little indulgences ­ these help plug any holes in the soul and rejuvenate and recharge us, imparting inner peace and beauty.
Own your style
While it is fine to follow trends, not everything suits everyone. Develop your own individual style, which flatters your best features and takes attention away from the weaker areas. Take an objective look at yourself and wear what you feel comfortable in. Use clothes and accessories to draw attention to your more attractive features.
And then, armed with your best smile, a confident gleam in your eyes, a bounce in your step and warmth in your manner, set out to conquer the world with your inner beauty.

Courtesy : Times of India, Mumbai.
The author Vinita Dawra Nangia is a Senior Editor with The Times of India. Readers who want to keep track of her postings can follow her blog O-zone which reflects her incisive insights into the world around, offering a newer way of looking at life, people and the situations they find themselves in. 

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