Sunday, June 28, 2015

Pizza and Meaning of Life

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Wife: Don’t put so many clothes for wash today 
Husband: why ?
She said: maid has said she won’t come for two days
Husband: why ?
Wife: she said she is going to meet her granddaughter during Ganpati festival
Husband: OK, will not put too many clothes
Wife: and , shall I give her Rs. 500 for Ganpati ? Festival bonus ?
Husband: why ? Diwali is approaching , we will give her at that time..
Wife: Oh no dear. She is poor. Going to meet her daughter and granddaughter, so she will also feel nice. Moreover, everything has become so expensive these days. How will she able to celebrate festival ?
Husband: You ! I don’t know why you become emotional so easily
Wife: Oh dear, don’t worry. I am going to cancel today’s program of ordering Pizza. Why unnecessarily blow away Rs. 500 on eight pieces of stale bread.
Husband : wow. Great .Snatching Pizza from us and giving to the maid !
Maid returned after three days and got busy in mopping and dusting. Husband asked her
Husband : So, how was the vacation ?
Maid: very nice sahib.. Didi had given Rs 500 .. festival bonus.
Husband : So you went and met your daughter ? and also met your granddaughter ?
Maid: yes sahib. Enjoyed a lot and spent Rs 500 in two days time.
Husband : Really ? Ok so what did you do with Rs. 500?
Maid: Rs. 150 for dress for granddaughter, Rs 40 for a doll, bought sweets worth Rs 50 for daughter, Rs 50 as offering to Deity in temple, Rs 60 towards bus fare….Rs 25 for bangles for daughter, bought a nice belt worth Rs 50 for son-in-law, balance Rs 75 gave to daughter to buy copy and pencil for granddaughter. Maid gave a full account of the expenses incurred
Husband: so much in Rs 500?
With surprise, he started thinking….the 8 pieces of Pizza appeared in front of his eyes and each one of them acted as a hammer started pricking his consciousness. For the price of one Pizza , he started comparing the expenses his maid had incurred during her visit to her daughter. 

The 8 pieces of Pizza floated in front of his eyes. First piece .. dress for the child, 2nd piece… towards sweets.. 3rd piece… towards offering to the deity in the temple, 4th piece….towards bus fare, 5th piece.. towards doll, 6th piece towards bangles, 7th piece ..., towards belt for the son-in-law, and 8th piece towards copy and pencil.
So far he had observed pizza only from one angle. He turned it upside down and observe how it looks like from the other side. .. but today his maid showed him the other side of the pizza…. The 8 pieces of pizza showed him the real meaning of an instant the meaning of “Spending for life” or “ Life for spending”. Think about it.

" It is not enough to list 10 movies you liked, you need to come up with the 10 scenes you loved within the 10 movies you liked and why, and then think of a different way in which you would have delivered the punch line. Challenge yourself! Give your mind a workout "  - Claudia Altucher

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